Instructions: How will you retain and gain customers in the future? Organisations are now legally obliged to reduce CO2 emissions. The largest source of emissions are from the supply chain. To put it in context, if the supply chains of the 25 largest corporates transitioned to using renewable energy, it would reduce global CO2 emissions by an amount equal to Brazil and Mexico combined.

The challenge! How do customers undertake due diligence on suppliers with supply chains stretching into tens of thousands?

STERA is funded to rate suppliers. It is independent, free to customers and suppliers alike and works in exactly the same way as financial ratings. It is based on an organisations current status with the emphasis on reducing scope one, two and three emissions 'today".

The two calculators below enable you receive an "indicative" current rating and what is required to raise that rating to "Good" or "Excellent". The cost is normally far less than realised.

If you need advice, speak to your consultant or Changing Planet Solutions a 'not for profit' offering free training courses and mentoring, enabling you to raise your rating at the lowest possible cost. Email:

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No. Criteria Answer Potential Points Current Rating
1 Net zero strategy?
2 Renewable electricity
3 Self generate renewable power?
4 Supply chain due diligence for renewable electricity
5 Measure scope one and two emissions
6 Measure the extended supply chain scope three emissions
7 co2 footprint reduction
8 Carbon neutrality (operational)
9 Supply chain carbon neutrality
10 Other actions/projects
Total 100
Criteria From To Take Action New Rating
This requires the board to commit to achieving Net Zero by the latest 2050 No Cost
Enter the yearly consumption of electricity in MW Hours
Self generate renewable power? No Cost
Undertake supply chain due diligence for scope two renewable electricity No Cost
Measure scope one and two emissions No Cost
Measure the extended supply chain scope three emissions No Cost
20% CO2 footprint reduction over five years No Cost
Carbon Neutrality: Enter the scope one and two co2footprint
Supply chain carbon neutrality. Enter scope three CO2 emissions
Enter the number of carbon reduction projects